About Us

Jenne Acevedo created the Chandler Writers’ Group in January 2011 as the Chandler, Arizona, chapter of American Christian Writers. We continue to meet faithfully each month to encourage one another, share information, challenge each other to meet personal writing goals, and critique individual writing to make it the best it can be. We are all in different stages of writing with different genres and markets, but we come together to honor God with our talents and passion to write for Him.

We are always open to new members in any genre of writing. Join us!

More about Jenne:
Jenne Acevedo is a freelance editor, writer, and speaker who encourages and assists writers in their journeys to publication. She is a co-owner of Christian Editor Network LLC, the director of The Christian PEN: Proofreaders and Editors Network, the Director of PENCON, a member of the Christian Editor Connection, and a member of American Christian Writers Association. Jenne also leads the Chandler Writers’ Group, which she started in 2011. Find out more about Jenne at JenneAcevedo.com.

Our Organizational Meeting

Freezing on the patio at Cornerstone Chandler at our organizational meeting in January 2011.

Our First Meeting

Ready for critiques at our first official meeting at the Downtown Library.

















2 responses to “About Us

  1. Julie Blackman

    I was visiting the site and saw that you have meetings, but the only time listed is 9AM. I work during the day are there any possibilities of later meetings?

  2. Hi Julie!
    I’m sorry, but we only meet on Friday mornings. We would love to have you join us any time you are available. Occasionally we do seminars on Saturday, but only for specific speakers/topics. There are a few other groups around town, but I think they meet during the week too.

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