April Meeting

Our April meeting is this Friday, 4/2, at 9:00. Since it’s Good Friday, let me know if you’d prefer to move it to next week. I’m available either but will plan this week unless most are unavailable.

Be sure to check the comments on Thursday evening to confirm if we will proceed with this week or next. And bring your critiques.


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10 responses to “April Meeting

  1. I can make it either this week or next. I have no preference. – Betty

  2. Ann Kronwald

    I would prefer next week but I’m available for both so I’ll defer to others.

  3. peggysuemor29gmailcom

    I can come either week.

  4. I prefer this week, but can come next week, too.

  5. steve

    Can’t do 4/2, but hopefully can do 4/9. Thank you for hosting these btw

  6. It looks like some prefer next week, and so do I (since my kids are home this Friday). So the meeting will be next Friday, 4/9, at 9:00. Happy Easter!

  7. peggysuemor29gmailcom

    Thanks, Jenne

  8. Deana

    I’d love to come next week. Thanks, Jenne!

  9. Carolyn Elson

    I’ll be there on the 9th

  10. I can make it the 9th. Everyone have a blessed Easter! Brenda

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