February Meeting

Our next meeting is this Friday, 2/5, at 9 a.m. Please let me know if you will join us, and be sure to check the comments on Thursday for confirmation of the meeting.


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8 responses to “February Meeting

  1. deanarogers

    Hi Jenne and everyone, I miss seeing you all! My husband is really high risk for complications if he gets Covid so I will miss this month again. He gets his second immunization Feb 15th so I hope to see you after that!

  2. steve

    Hi Jenne, I’d love to be there but we have seen an increase in Covid cases here at work. Although its not hit me, I’d just die if I gave it to anyone so I think I’m going to sit these out till after vaccination. I do look forward to rejoining when we are all finished with this infernal pandemic.

  3. I’ll be there if there are enough of us, but I’ve been unable to get the vaccination. I’m going to keep trying to get an appointment for it, but I got dumped offline three times when 1B appointments opened, and then when I finally got everything filled in I couldn’t get the confirmation email. Frustrating!

  4. peggysuemor29gmailcom

    I’ll be able to come.

  5. Absolutely. Wouldn’t miss it.

  6. I’ll be there. Thanks Jenn

  7. It looks like there will be at least four of us, so I’ll plan to see everyone on Friday. We’ll miss the rest of you, but glad you are being careful. Bring your critiques.

  8. Carolyn Elson

    I plan on being there

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