November Reminder

We are planning to meet this Friday with a guest speaker, but I’ve only heard from three people. Please let me know today if you will be able to attend on Friday. If we don’t have many people, I’ll ask her to present next month. If December is busy for everyone, we can wait until January. Please let me know your thoughts and availability. Thank you.


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6 responses to “November Reminder

  1. Right now December will work for me. I already let you know I can’t make it this month. Thanks for looking ahead.

  2. I am out of town this Friday, but should be available in December. Thanks Jenne.

  3. Gmail

    Hi Jenne! I’m recovering from hip replacement and have physical therapy that day. I would like to attend if you reschedule. Also I’d like to get with you and discuss your ability to edit my book. My editor has returned to a full time book editing job and has her hands full!! Thanks!

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  4. Deana

    Hi Jenne, I am under a writing deadline crunch this month so December or January works better for me. Thanks!

  5. I can come, but didn’t see this soon enough you, I guess.

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  6. Just returned from Vegas to visit our two-month old grandson. So much to catch up on. I’d prefer not to meet until December or January. Blessings,

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