October Meeting

It was great to be back together in September. I hope to see you again this Friday, 10/2. Let me know if you can join us at 9 a.m.

Please note that you are welcome to wear a mask or not, but most of us will not be wearing them. We can sit farther apart if you prefer.


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9 responses to “October Meeting

  1. Peggy Morris

    I’ll be there. Glad to be together again. (This is a new format.)

  2. steve

    I’ll try to be there but can’t guarantee it

  3. I will be there – Betty

  4. I’ll be out of town and will miss you all.

  5. Deana

    Thank you, Jenne! I am not able to join this time.
    A huge thank you though to this group and your guidance!! I just finished a forth round of edits with our editor at church for the next part of our all-church study guide and Was reminded of how much I’ve learned from you! It is making a huge impact 💛

  6. Sorry, all. I commented yesterday, but it didn’t add it for some reason. We are meeting this morning. See you soon.

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