April Meeting Change

Due to Easter, our April meeting will be on 4/21 at 9am, instead of Good Friday.


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4 responses to “April Meeting Change

  1. deanarogers

    Sounds good! Thanks, Jenne. Happy Easter everyone!

  2. Jim Hill

    Thank you.

    • Nawet barszcz nie zatrze prawdy Danieluka, najpierw bawi sie po klatkach na kufajkach a teraz stosuje zmazywacz, to jest caÅ‚a prawda o wÅ‚odarzu, zawiodÅ‚em siÄ™ mojego gÅ‚osu już nie masz i jak myÅ›lisz że masz naiwnych gokzlewiaców to siÄ™ mylisz.

    • What really works in the media is the key … Not angry, cliched stunts. The ndis campaign has done more to empower people living with disability than every sob story i, or other journalists, have ever written. As an organiser of the hobart rally I was in awe of the energy of the 300 plus on the lawns of state parliament. Anger is not real power … It’s just anger.

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