November’s Meeting

Join us this Friday at 9 AM for our November meeting at Krinda’s house. Since it is Veteran’s Day, I want to know if it’s a good day for everyone. I’m planning to attend unless it doesn’t work for most of us. Please let me know either way.

I plan to discuss Trello if we have enough who want to learn more about it. Otherwise, we can do another topic. Bring your critiques.


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4 responses to “November’s Meeting

  1. Peggy

    Jenne, I’ll be coming. Whatecer we study is fine with me.

  2. Sorry I won’t be able to make it. My granddaughter is here from Colorado today, and I am leaving for Africa on Sunday. I will be there in December if we are meeting!

    • Those are such important bits of advice for tod#a&y39;s busy parents Charles. Breaking the TV and video game habits would be a great start to having more fun together as well giving the kids a great start in life. Wise and lucky are the family that takes time to do these things.

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