February Meeting

Our next meeting is February 8th. I’m looking for someone to present for the business portion. Please email me if you have something ready to share with the group.

Also, I’d like to plan the business portions for our next several meetings, so let me know what you would like to present to our group. We can all benefit from something you learned at a conference, something you have experienced, a topic you have researched for your own purposes, etc. I would like each of us to rotate this section. It would be best to set up a schedule, so we can see what is coming next. Some of you have mentioned your willingness to speak on topics at previous meetings, so let me know what date would work best for you. The meeting dates are now updated on the meetings tab. Thanks!


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6 responses to “February Meeting

  1. DGood648@aol.com

    How about “Interviewing”? Donna _www.thewritersfriend.net_ (http://www.thewritersfriend.net/) “A Step in the Write Direction–the Complete How-to Guide for Christian Writers”

    • That would be wonderful! Will you be there next week? Or would you prefer another month?
      Do you mean “interviewing” you to pick your brain, or you would talk about interviewing?

  2. Evangeline Colbert

    I’m still looking forward to speaking at the March meeting about the “hands on” process of getting a book published.

  3. Ann Kronwald

    Jenne, Isn’t Evangeline sharing at this meeting? If not, I’m reading a how-to book right now and don’t mind sharing a few things I’ve learned. Ann

  4. Evangeline is doing it in March. But, Donna might do it. Let me get back to you. What is your book about? I’ll put you down for April?

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