Opportunity from a friend of Donna Goodrich:

I’m putting out feelers for someone who might be interested in writing memoirs for a man in Sun City West. He’s 80 years old, a vet with amazing stories to share about the war and his life as a 12th generation German-American. I am not interested in writing his story. After we met today and talked, I can say that he is “looping” a bit and told me the same stories a couple of times” so I am glad he wants to tell his story while he can. He wanted to contact a lawyer and write up papers, so I think he has money to pay.

I told him to pick out four periods of his life that he would want to write about first. (Just to give him something to think about.)

If you know someone who might be interested in spending time with this intelligent, dapper, old gentlemen that will keep you on the edge of your chair, please pass this along.

I will be leaving on a four to five-month trip after retiring in April and will be working on my book, “Preachin’ to the Pastor.” Fun days ahead!

Linda Gillis
Sun City, AZ

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