Quoting Scripture

Per Donna Goodrich’s book, A Step in the Write Direction, here is the proper way to quote scripture in our writing (articles, books).

1. Place the reference after the scripture verse in parentheses. No puncuation until after reference, except the quotation mark.

2. Give the version of the Bible you are using. Use small caps for the three letter abbreviation by using control/shift/k. (Unable to show on this webpage though)

3. Spell out the name of the book of the Bible.

4. Passages with four lines or less should be in quotation marks directly in the paragraph. Over four lines should be a new paragraph with one or both sides indented.

For example:

One of the first verses I learned was, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” (Genesis 1:1 KJV). I taught it to my children at a young age.

There are also many other specifics, but this is the general way to quote scripture. We can review this at our next meeting.

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